• Gail Johnson

SKOOKUM's long-table dinner series kicks off with a celebration of the sea in Stanley Park

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

As Black Pistol Fire played on the nearby Forest stage, dozens of festival-goers dined underneath strings of lights and hanging driftwood sculptures at the inaugural SKOOKUM's long-table dinner last night (September 7).

Getting to the covered dining area gave diners the chance to take in everything happening throughout the Stanley Park grounds: people slam-dunking on a basketball court, folks of all ages with face paint and floral crowns, stilt walkers and cobalt-blue dragons cruising by, silk performers...

Ocean Wise ambassador Ned Bell and Edible Canada executive chef Tobias Grignon joined forces for a family-style meal with chewy, crispy octopus chips, salmon with sun-warmed blackberries, smoked albacore-tuna tacos, fresh oysters, and more.

Ocean Wise's involvement in the festival is significant: SKOOKUM has partnered with Ocean Wise Life. That means initiatives such as responsibly sourced products and aggressive recycling and waste-diversion practices, all in an effort to protect our seas.

SKOOKUM continues all weekend. Check out a few photos from the kickoff evening.

Hammock photo.

Hanging out at Skookum.

Table photo.

The long table.

Veg photo.

Beets, beens, Laird lentils, and fromage frais.

Table shot.

Dessert! Wild-berry shortcake with lemony sauce and meringue-like vanilla foam.

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