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Talking poke on BT Vancouver

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Westcoast Poké.

This morning I had the opportunity to appear on BT Vancouver (Breakfast Television) to talk about poke (or poké, though you would never see the accent over the in Hawaii, where the dish was born).

Host Tara-Jean Stevens has a background in theatre and radio and was so welcoming and helpful.

We talked about the dish itself and how it has evolved in North America to include rice, quinoa, and/or lettuce and all sorts of toppings, from spicy crab to Mandarin oranges.

I included dishes from Poké Time (which was the first in Vancouver, opening in 2016, and does more traditional items as well as creative offerings like poke burritos and poke with avocado toast), Westcoast Poké (which serves ahimi, or vegan tuna, and the world's first sustainable Gindara sablefish poke, among other varities), and the Poke Guy, which makes versions that stick close to poke's roots.

It was a great start to the day! Check out the BT Vancouver clip here.

I love poke because it's healthy fast food; it's bright, fresh-tasting, and ready in a jiffy (it is raw fish, after all).

I think my favourite remains the classic ahi tuna. What's your preferred poke bowl?

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