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Dinner in the Sky: an elevated experience 130 feet off the ground

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

There’s music playing and a whole lotta fun and feel-good vibes, especially when people start reclining their chairs back and even doing a the “wave” among those who don’t mind feel as if they’re going to falling backward from so high up off the ground.

There’s lunch, dinner, brunch, and even late-hour happy hour experiences, with prices starting at $149 per person.

Dinner in the Sky was founded in Belgium over 30 years ago and now happens in 62 countries around the world. It first came to Vancouver last year for a sold-out month of July, with WESTCOAST Sightseeing acquired Dinner in the Sky Canada in early 2018.

Dinner in the Sky Canada moves to Ambleside Beach next, then who knows? It could be coming to a neighbourhood near you, and could be getting high on your next meal out.

More info is here. Here are some more photos of the views and food:

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