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Working out with KINDness

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Lunges. Lots and lots of lunges.

Today, I got to attend a workout hosted by KIND Snacks, a New York-based company that makes healthy, flavourful bars and other guilt-free treats.

Delicious and nutritious!

We had a 45-minute sweat session at the Westin Bayshore with a killer view: the pool, Coal Harbour, StanleyPark, the Lions Gate Bridge, and the North Shore mountains: talk about inspiration!

Led by a handful of YVR fitness and yoga instructors, the workout included a strength-training component by kinesiologists Phillip Upton and Bret Hodge, who co-own Vancouver's Session Athletics. I oved the challenge of holding a deep lunge, with your back knee just barely above the ground, for 30 seconds at a time, three times in total. Thank you, gentlemen!

Besides building up an appetite, the media got to learn more about KIND Snacks.

It's headed by Daniel Lubetzky, who wrote the New York Times bestseller Do the KIND Thing: Think Boundlessly, Work Purposefully, Live Passionately. Basically, his mission is to make the world kinder. Um... YAAAASSSS!!!!! (My personal motto and core value: Make the world a better place in your own small way every day.)

KIND's message is this: Do the kind thing for your body, your taste buds, and your world.

Its KIND snacks include Breakfast Bars, Healthy Grains Bars, Healthy Grains Clusters, and Pressed by KIND (bars made with only fruit, vegetables, or chia). My fave, though, are the KIND Bars, in flavor flaves like Almond Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, and Almond Caramel & Sea Salt: OMG, SO good, without any artificial sweeteners , sugar, or alcohol (like all of the co's products).

Also way cool: Lubetzky is a social entrepreneur who founded PeaceWorks Inc., a business that fosters cooperative ventures among neighbors in the Middle East. He also cofounded Maiyet, a fashion brand that partners with artisans to promote entrepreneurship in developing economies, and the OneVoice Movement, an international grassroots effort that amplifies the voices of moderate Israelis and Palestinians seeking to end the conflict.

I'll snack to that.

The view from Vancouver's Westin Bayshore.

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