• Gail Johnson

Talking Ramen on BT Vancouver!

Slurp-up cilantro ramen from Jinya.

Had a blast talking about ramen this morning on BT Vancouver with Tara-Jean Stevens.

Didn't have time to mention ramen etiquette: eat that ramen as soon as your bowl hits the table, whether or not your friends have been served or not. It's an insult to the chef to wait, and you don't want the noodles to get soggy. Slurping is encouraged. When you're down to the last few sips, pick up the bowl and drink from it. Get right in there! Slurptastic stuff.

Now, ramen may or may not be the healthiest choice. Some can be super high in sodium and calories. Many places add lard to keep the broth warm.

I love the vegan version at Ramen Taka.

Check out the TV segment here!

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