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Wolf in the Fog worth a trip to Tofino in itself

Every November we go to Tofino for a dual-family surf trip, and every year we take turns making dinner, eight of us cozily packed into a one-bedroom hotel room. This year was a first for us in establishing “date day” for each set of parents, with both couples picking Wolf in the Fog for lunch.

Wolf Fog salad.jpg

Voted recently as Best New Restaurant in Canada by EnRoute, it’s got an upstairs dining room for dinner and a smaller bear den downstairs for lunch. The den has a quintessential West Coast vibe, with lots of wood, mellow servers, and images of surfers catching waves.

The food is terrific. We shared this fabulous kale salad, replete with beans and nuts, and a juicy jerk-pulled-pork burger with a nice kick. We felt like little kids popping back delicious house-made tater tots.

It was so good that we decided to catch a later ferry the next day so that we could stop in for lunch again with the kids. I had the albacore tuna melt—a gourmet version of the classic with aged cheddar—and also at our table was the burger and two non-Sysco chicken strips and fries. We’ll definitely be back again.

We followed that up both times with a stop in at SoBo for coffee and sweets. Our cookie order was messed up so we didn’t get what we actually wanted, but the key lime pie is mmm-inducing.

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