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More inspiration to reduce food waste

I was motivated to write this story about food waste

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for Yahoo! Canada Finance after opening my fridge one day and finding three jars of opened salad dressing.

I always say I am going to make my own salad dressing (and soup and bread), but sometimes (a lot of times) time just isn’t on my side. But I have been making great strides in diminishing the amount of food we discard in our house, and that’s a good feeling.

The ends of carrots and celery stalks get put into ziplock bags and frozen for use in soup stocks; same with Parmesan rinds. End pieces of bread become crumbs for coating chicken or fish.

Reducing food waste is the goal of the UK-based Love Food Hate Waste, which is on a mission to help people young and old improve their cooking skills.

There was a time when most people knew how to cook, with techniques and recipes being passed down from generation to generation. Those skills are at risk of being lost.

According to research by Love Food Hate Waste and Mumsnet, a UK parenting site, although more than 90 percent of parents rate cooking skills as an important part of their general education, over 60 percent of parents with children over age three spend three hours or less a month cooking with their child.

Almost a quarter of parents surveyed were not confident they could use leftovers to make another meal without resorting to a recipe.

The Love Food Hate Waste initiative is geared toward those living across the pond., but the site worth visiting for tips on how to reduce food waste and delicious recipes you can make with your kids.

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