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Ditch the Gatorade and try this natural sports drink

Coca-Cola is dropping a controversial ingredient from its Powerade sports drink after a similar move by PepsiCo's Gatorade last year, according to CTV News. Brominated vegetable oil had been the target of a petition by a Mississippi teenager, who questioned why it was being used in a drink marketed toward health-conscious athletes. The ingredient is linked to a flame retardant and is not approved for use in Japan or the European Union. It seems that PowerAde is phasing out the ingredient slowly. But there are still other ingredients in these drinks that make you wonder why recreational and professional athletes, including children and youth, guzzle them back. First, there's the glucose-fructose syrup and the sucrose syrup. Then there's Red No. 40 and Blue. No. 1, among other colours. And finally, there's the additive monopotassium phosphate, here used as an electrolyte. The substance is is used in fertilizer, cosmetics, and cigarettes, according to IN-R-Food. According to WebMD, Coca-Cola products have so much phosphate, they can cause an overload in the blood. Now of course, drinking Gatorade in small amounts isn't going to do much harm, right? But why bother in the first place? Here's a recipe for a an all-natural homemade sports drink: - 500 mL pure fruit juice - 500 mL water - 1/3 tsp salt No colours, no crap. You're welcome.

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