• Gail Johnson

Only in Vancouver: organic cotton candy

You know you're in Vancouver when there's a lineup for organic cotton candy. We stumbled upon the confection craziness last night while strolling around Canada Place, where lululemon's SeaWheeze Half Marathon warm-up party was taking place. Mostly young, fit women were standing in line for other things too, such as temporary tattoos. But with two kids in tow, I had to beeline it for the Cloud Nine food truck. Surely the company must get the odd eye-roll; I mean, c'mon, is this taking the organic movement just a few sweet steps too far?

Whatever. I LOVE the fact that there are no artificial colours or flavours in this stuff. I cringe any time my kids eat the sweets with Red #4 or what have you.

Obviously all-natural cotton candy can't be described as good for you, but I'm all for this new take on an old treat.

Among the company's flavours are strawberry, mango, root beer, bubble gum (seriously? there's an organic version?), watermelon, blueberry, and chai. The bonus for us was that it was free, complements of lululemon. That's almost worth doing a few extra Downward Dogs for.

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