• Gail Johnson

Mouldy droppings: c'mon dog owners, pick 'em up

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Can you spot the mouldy dog poop?

There's nothing like getting out for a walk in the gorgeous greenery of Lynn Valley. The North Vancouver region has stunning trails for people of all ages and fitness levels. How totally disappointing and just plain gross to stumble across not just piles of dog poop here and there but mouldy piles of dog poop. This is what happens to your beloved pet's waste, dog owners, when you shirk your responsibility and let it sit there:

That's not a couple of cotton balls.

And just like at beaches and parks, that dog poop is just waiting to be stepped on, getting lodged within the treads of innocent people's running shoes. What usually happens is that little kids will step in it, then some of the excrement inevitably ends up on their fingers, which inevitably end up in their mouths, and then they get sick. Thanks, lazy dog owners, for sharing your furry family member's feces (faeces, as per below) with the world. I beg of you, please scoop your poop.

"Pick up thanks." Not ideal grammar, but the message rings true.

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