• Gail Johnson

Blueberry cooking camp inspires little chefs

My kids have always been great about helping me bake. Cakes, cupcakes, muffins, banana bread, granola bars; both boys have helped measure, scoop, stir, and taste. Cooking has been another story. Little interest has been shown in helping me make dinner, and I haven't pushed it. Maybe because by the time supper rolls around, I'm more ready for Pinot Parenting (can I TM that?) than Parboiling 101.

So I wasn't sure how they'd react to being informed they were coming along to a mini cooking camp put on by the BC Blueberry Council to celebrate the season. I brought books for them as a backup emergency resource.

But from the get-go, they were right in there. Together they whipped up Fresh Blueberry, Corn and Chicken Salad that we rolled up in tortillas, though you could use large romaine leaves (they loved using scissors to cut up red peppers, celery, and berries); Blueberry Guacamole (yup, the combo works); and Blueberry Compote that could be served over Greek yogurt but that we spooned, still warm, over vanilla gelato.

They were giggling while at the same time taking things very seriously. They left with big smiles and full bellies, and I left with hope for instilling cooking skills in them yet.

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