• Gail Johnson

Why Parking Tickets in Hospital Lots Are Uncalled For

I know, that is quite the radical headline. What a concept.

So here I am waiting for a loved one, who shall remain nameless, to emerge after a rather nasty surgery.

I plugged the meter at UBC Hospital for four hours for a mere $16, thinking that this would be ample time given what the good medical staff here told us to expect.

I missed getting back to the meter in time to plug it again because the surgeon came out to give me the lowdown. This is obviously not something I wanted to miss or rush.

I go out to plug the meter after that, and there it is: a ticket for $30 (or $60 if not paid pronto). It's a hospital, people. People are stressed, under duress, and in pain. And then there are the patients to think about.

Seriously? Can there not be some kind of compassionate grounds to exempt people from being fined in this kind of lot? Ditto for spots near hospital Emergency departments. Does this point really need explaining or justification?

You've made a tough day even crappier, UBC Hospital. I'm not happy with you.

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