• Gail Johnson


Once I was done breast-feeding my second son and was ready to get back to the bottle myself, I went straight to wine. Red, white, rose: I love the stuff. I shied away from hard alcohol, though. Having abstained for so long, I was honestly a little worried about how my body would react to it.

Well, those days are over and I'm happily back to martinis! (Don't worry, life-insurance companies: in moderation.) I have a penchant for anything with green apple liqueur, but I'm excited to try whatever crazy creations so many Vancouver bartenders are concocting.Oh, and did you know you can subscribe to this blog? Thanks to my friend Naz, author of Bottom of the Pot (Adventures in cooking Persian food and beyond), I've figured out how to do it. If you're interested, look to your right and sign on up. To your health!

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